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New Mt. Sinai proudly offers the only Community Mausoleum available in the St. Louis Jewish community. Our Mausoleum was originally opened in 1969 with space for 364 crypts and niches for the cremated remains of 72 people. The Mausoleum was further expanded in 1990 with 675 additional crypts and niches for another 320 people. The crowning jewel of New Mt. Sinai's Mausoleum is the stained glass "Window of Truth" at the back of the Chapel inside the building. This brilliant panel, which forms the backdrop for services in the 200-seat Chapel, was designed by the renowned artist Sol Nodel, brother of the late Rabbi Julius Nodel (of Congregation Shaare Emeth).

New Mt. Sinai's Community Mausoleum houses many of St. Louis' most prominent individuals, including Arthur "Cubby" Baer, a member of the founding family of Stix, Baer & Fuller department stores; Donald Gallop, noted St. Louis attorney; Samuel Sachs, founder of Sachs Electric; and Julius A. Schweig, former mayor of Clayton, Missouri.

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Our climate-controlled Mausoleum is open Sunday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to rest, reflect, and remember.


The Window Of Truth
designed by SOL NODEL, F.R.S.A.

This WINDOW OF TRUTH, located in the Community Mausoleum, is a stained glass art window. The WINDOW OF TRUTH measures approximately 17 feet high and 20 feet across and is composed of thirty panels, containing over 3,500 individual pieces of glass.

The glass used in this window is antique or flash glass, which is a hand-made and mouth-blown glass.

The window is based on the three letters ALEPH, MEM, TAPH, which spell the Hebrew word EMETH meaning TRUTH.

The word EMETH rises upward from the lower right hand corner of the window emanating from the burning bush, where God first revealed himself to Moses. The design of the ALEPH culminates into angel wings and a hand with a finger pointing heavenward - THE BEGINNING OF ALL TRUTH IS WITH GOD.

Out of the center of infinity, rises the CROWN OF GOD, in the calligraphically designed Hebrew letter SHIN, which designates the name of the Almighty. The quotation which further glorifies the name of God reads: MAGNIFIED AND SANCTIFIED BY HIS GREAT NAME and rises in a red band from the lower left hand corner upwards.

In a semi-circle around the hand is the Hebrew equivalent: YITGADAL VEYITKADASH SHMAI RABAH. The finger points to the VEYITKADASH, which means SANCTIFIED.

The heart of the infinity section is the great light which symbolizes God surrounded by the emerald colored pieces, designating the twelve tribes of Israel.

Our astronauts, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, made their historical flight into space during the designing of this window and Mr. Nodel was so inspired that he added Earth and the Moon as seen from outerspace.




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